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Lighthouse SEO was founded in the dog days of summer in 2012 by me, Kawthar Suleiman. ¬†After working for two years as an in-house web marketer for Gem Avenue I learned a thing (or two) about search engine optimization. The field fascinates me. After spearheading a project to boost Gem Avenue’s page rankings, I realized I had a hidden talent.

After three months of intense website optimization work specifically geared toward SEO, we achieved more than a 100% increase in traffic from Google per month and increased transactions by at least 80% monthly. I was floored. After this success, I realized I should share my abilities as a Charlotte NC SEO consultant with the world.

If you are in any way familiar with SEO, you know that the job is never done. Search engine rankings are always changing and you can never be 100% optimized (ie PERFECT). So, I sought an SEO firm to continue my work as I planned to leave my position with Gem Avenue. This also fueled my desire to start my own organic search engine optimization services firm. After dealing with many agencies giving empty and unrealistic promises and offering astonishing price tags I said hey, I can do this for a fraction of the price and guarantee results. Why? Because I stand by my work. Always have and always will.


Kawthar Suleiman

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